SOUL – Your life in General.

This one can be tough, if you are fundamentally unhappy with a large structural part of your life, then you simply have to change that otherwise all the fitness and meds etc. in the world won’t ultimately help you, which is why I wrote this bit first. To fully understand this process read “Mind over medicine” by Lisa Rankin, a medical doctor.
If you know that all the big bits in your life are fundamentally sound – Work, wife, sex life, friends, family, location, hobby etc. then simply start doing stuff to make those areas better, much better. Free your mind and start making those areas brilliant and exciting or interesting, drop any pettiness with the missus. Book her a long weekend and make her feel special, which is what every female wants, and don’t expect anything back from her either. Immediately afterwards, book another one again, this tells her things are different now. You don’t expect her to “retaliate” with her own return present to you etc.
If you don’t already, text your kids in the day telling them you love them, or leave nice notes to them in their lunch boxes (these are just examples of what you can do) What I am saying is change things, flip them, reverse them and be creative, or nothing will change.
There is so much I could write about in this whole area, but really, you need to read that book which lists study after study, case after case of people with weight/fitness/hormone/health complaints who go from states of deep unhappiness and poor health to pictures of health and vitality almost overnight, simply by honestly overviewing their whole life, and taking action. There are endless examples of people no longer needing what doctors thought was life sustaining medication. It is truly incredible and it opens your mind to what you can achieve.
It is all about initiating the “relaxation response” and doing so triggers your body to repair itself and also to create the positive hormones that make you feel fucking great, rather than fucking shite. People who’s bodies and minds are in the relaxation response the most, are happy and are optimally healthy. They can put on muscle if they want and they can lose weight easily at will and when they fancy achieving something, they know they will, and they do, because they are awesome, and they know it.
More than that, those people actually cure themselves of seemingly incurable diseases. One of many notable and proven documented examples in the book is of a man (i think it was in the 60’s) who believed totally in his doctor, and had cancerous, terminal tumours all over his body. His doctor prescribed him an experimental drug and the patient believed it would cure him, months later his tumours had almost completely receded, to the astonishment of his doctor (who had already found out since that the drug did in fact not work at all) But the doctor didn’t tell the patient that. The patient remained 100% well until the day he happened to stumble across the reported results of the medical trial using the drug he had taken, and his belief evaporated. Within weeks he was unwell and his tumours had returned. But the story does not end there. Incredibly, the man’s doctor – who must have been some kind of visionary back then – realised his patient was reacting to what we now know as the placebo affect (AKA “belief”) and so he said to the patient “No problem, luckily a new drug has come through that cures your condition 100% of the time” The doctor prescribed the patient a harmless unbranded drug (i can’t recall which, but it was paracetamol or some similar substance)
The patient was overjoyed, and within weeks was again cured of his tumours!
This is the relaxation response in action. It can cure big things, and it will always cure small things.

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