What’s The Best Way To Eat an Elephant?

Eat An Elephant

One bite at a time.

I often get overwhelmed with a project. It looks huge and I never know where to start with it… I then go into research mode. I think this is almost like my adult security blanket. I will look at the project from every angle possible trying to fathom the best way to attack this new project, make sure I fully understand the complexities of it and validating if it really needs to be done.

The trouble is, I then spend hours and hours if not days in this vicious circle. Not going forward but going around and around, not taking action just wasting time.

To get around this I have started to adopt a new question set in my mind.

  • Is this going to add value for even just one person?
  • Is there anything else better I can be using my time for?

Nearly everything offers value to one person. Do you remember in school, or at a seminar when you wanted to ask a question and you thought it was only you wanting to know the answer? You gained the courage to ask and noticed lots of other people listening as intently as you to the answer.

If there is no other better use of your time and its the One thing that will make everything else easier,  then start your project. Start where ever you want. In the middle of it, the easiest bit whatever – JUST START

Break it up like the Elephant and tackle the project in small manageable chunks. Once you start you are already ahead of the curve and the passion generally starts to flow.

Pomodoro Technique

To assist with the “Manageable Chunks” process I have employed a great little time tool called the Pomodoro Technique. This breaks your time into 4 sessions, each of 20 to 30 mins with 3 x 5min breaks and one 15 – 30 min break at the end before re-cycling again.

This technique works wonders for me and has allowed me to further break projects down into bite sized and manageable chunks. The key though is during your session to remain fully on task and be as productive, engaged and focused as you possibly can.

Let us know your thoughts on this… Your productivity will skyrocket!

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