I must be mad! Sat in a bath of cold tap water, slowly filling around me for 3 minutes now while writing this post – all in the name of getting healthy and vibrant again.

Damn it’s cold! Not the same shock as a cold morning shower, but a deep chilling effect!

I have decided to share with you, warts and all my life. I will be using my blog to record and share ideas I want to try in order to get back to feeling great again.

Three days in now and the first big problem – I react to whey protein, in all forms with great big, itching hives. Not great as I plan to consume about 120 grams a day!

After waking last night with a swollen lip and my skin on fire I researched this issue to discover it’s a problem that more than a few have had.

Egg white powder is now on order from amazon, it will be with me tomorrow and I will let you know more about it. There are other options available from soya to pea, but egg contains all the essential amino acids to repair the body.

The other issue was my early to bed early to rise regime was spoilt as I am lacking sleep today. Getting earlier nights and getting up and moving first thing really elevates me mentally and sets me up for the day.

Anyway time to get out! I’m cold.

I want to blend a few ideas together to reach a defined goal as easily as possible.  I have taken ideas from Ben Greenfield,  Tim Ferris, The Ice Man and other anecdotal info I have heard and blended it with what makes sense to me.

My first two points are simple. I think natural fats are good and not the orgre we think they are. However refined sugar and carbohydrates are the enemy.

From my previous diet and life-style I have ended up with high cholesterol and triglycerides – the Dr wants me on statins,  I want to try my way first…

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