One Week in and Significant Gains

I am really feeling good with this lifestyle approach. It’s amazing how much more energy I have in the day, most notably I no longer have that afternoon crash and burn out, although by 2100 – 2200 I am tried and ready for sleep time. I eat loads of food – just no white carbs or sugar.


I thought I would share some of my stats with you from the past 7 days and give you my base stats.

I am 182 cm tall, Male and 41 years young.

Start: 30.4% body fat % – 98.3 kg – 48.7% Body water – 12.5 Visceral Fat – 3.4 Bone Mass – 65.1 Muscle Mass – Metabolic age 56!!!!! OMG

After my first week: 28.6% body fat – 97 kg – 49.4% Body water – 12 Visceral fat – 3.4 bone mass – 65.6 Muscle Mass – Still a Metabolic age of 56!!!

How accurate these markers are apart from weight could easily be argued and I am not overly worried. However they are good base line figures and indicators of improvement which is all I care about as I want improvement and feedback to show I am going in the right direction. I do weigh within an hour of the last weigh in and wear the same clothing to keep things as consistent as possible.

Hitting the Gym

I started my weights last night and really loved it. I was being honest scared before getting there but once working out I got into the grove of 20 years ago and it all came flooding back to me.

I used basic movements – pushes (bench press, shoulder press) pulls (bent rows and pull downs) legs (calf rasies and leg extensions) low reps 5 – 7 x 2 sets to absolute failure and I mean total, cannot move and inch more failure.

The session was a little stilted as I was finding which weights to use and I record everything on an app called Evernote. Fantastic until your battery goes flat!

I did warm up with 15 mins on a stationary bike.

Cold Bath Time

Had a full on, shoulders under cold bath last night to reduce muscle soreness and increase the growth of health brown body fat (good fat). I found the process really comforting last night and it gave me a really good focus feeling in a meditative state.

Protein Shake SpinachMorning Smoothie

A power packed drink of spinach, 30g of egg protein, tsp Turmeric powder and half a tsp of Cinnamon. Boom!

Turmeric is amazing for your body there are hundreds of studies out there to support this and cinnamon helps reduce the rate we assimilate carbs, reducing the chance of them being stored as flab!

If nothing else, surely they can do no more harm than the shit we find in regular breakfasts from super markets.

Oh yea, I also add  loads of ice to assist a little in burning more energy to keep warm.


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