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Positive Beliefs

This area is kinda similar to area one, but instead focuses on how to change harmful thought processes that will have come about from poor conditions in some parts of your life which we have briefly covered in area 1. So you change some structural stuff in area one, then start reclaiming the relaxation response by doing this stuff:
What you think, consciously and sub consciously greatly affects your hormone balance, and hormones regulate not just muscle mass, skin, bones, hair etc, but also how you feel, and how you feel leads to how you act. How you feel and act is who you are. If you are currently not 100% happy with who you are, you must change how you think, to a greater or lesser degree.
The chances are that life has knocked you a bit, and in response you have developed some negative beliefs about a variety of things that could range from Health, looks, intelligence, wife, family, body image, etc. etc. that you repeat to yourself either consciously or unconsciously that just make your life a bit sadder and flatter than it should be.
Here’s what you need to do:
• Belief: Everything you are, positive and negative, has arisen from what you have come to believe in, but – and this is a big thing to comprehend – no event or occurrence, big or small, has ever had any intrinsic meaning or value until you and/or others labelled it as such. Hence, logically – and in reality – you can change any negative, harmful beliefs about both yourself and others that you may have which are damaging to your health. The first thing to realise is that just because you believe it, doesn’t make it so, no matter how much you believe it. You can literally believe whatever you want to about what something means, about how you are, or how you view yourself. Understanding this should create a “aha” moment within you and can literally change how you view everything overnight. You might need to re-read this paragraph a few times to gain a true understanding of the concept.
• Mantras: If you don’t have hang ups about how you look or who you are or where you are in life, then you are either not human or you are already perfectly happy. So have an honest chat with yourself and find the areas about yourself or the way you are that you use to beat yourself up about within your internal thoughts.
Study after study has shown that both your unconscious and conscious mind is changed by the repetitive use of positive mantras. It creates new positive neuron pathways in the brain which then – in time – are used in preference automatically over the old negative ones. Insomniacs who know they are shite at sleeping can actually change their belief systems simply by repeating “I am a fantastic sleeper, the best I know” and suddenly, they start to sleep. It works for every negative belief that you or others have installed in your head over many years, but it is about repetition, repetition, repetition.
Get a few mantras which must be positive, so “I will be less negative” is no good at all. Your mantra must be written in the positive, something like “I am very healthy” or “I am the boss” or whatever you decide that best reverses the issue at hand.
Whenever you find yourself dwelling on an issue of personal negativity (reliance on meds for example) simply start repeating the most relevant mantra (in your head) “I am recovering naturally every day” “I am healthy now” whatever. When you do so, visualise the key words in bold, or getting bigger, reinforcing the new positive belief.
Mantras are repeated in your thoughts, so you can do it anywhere.
If you don’t believe this works, then consider for a moment how effective you have been in installing negative beliefs into your head. How bugged and harassed are you by the most negative thoughts in your life. Ask yourself: How did they get there? How did they get there in a way that they keep cropping up in my head? Answer: Obviously, because you kept repeating those negative thoughts in the first place, for fucking months probably! You might have stopped it but those thoughts got real ingrained didn’t they? OK, so the exact same happens with positive thoughts too. Your sub conscious is very gullable and it literally believes everything it is told if told often enough. The simple sad thing is that when things go wrong we tend to think a load of negative stuff, which then creates a spiral. What we are doing by using mantras is simply reversing the damaging stuff, the negative bullshit you’ve downloaded into your brain. The result will be a happier you, and a better hormone balance
• Deep Breathing, This helped me no end when I was at my worst. Deep breathing engages the Vagus Nerve and in doing so elicits the relaxation response which cascades into great hormone profiles. The repetition of mantras should be done during deep breathing, as the sub conscious takes in what you are repeating in your head more effectively when you are relaxed. Personally i do this in the car, at my desk, and other such situations
• This is optional, but I highly recommend you sign up to the first 4 months of Holosync, by Centrepoint – You should google it and read up on it etc. It is very powerful stuff and it creates the relaxation response which naturally optimises hormone balance, without any effort whatsoever. If you like it then you can continue to the next level etc. Note: this is not a normal meditation CD, it has been researched to death over a period of 30 years and has been shown to be 8 times more effective than the meditation of even a zen monk.
• Become more positive. Being more positive creates in itself a better hormone profile, stop saying negative stuff to people, simply by rephrasing to the positive, you can say the same thing but in a positive way, and that in itself creates positivity around you and people respond differently to you

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