Maturity the Killer of Success

I find as we get older, burdened with “life”, bills, repayments, acting responsibly, we lose an innate ability to just play. Do something for no reason, no actual purpose apart from taking part in the act and enjoying it. Read a bit more here

Think how that little child pretending to be an astronaut must be building connections in his brain with thoughts, ideas, concepts, and feelings. It’s a mine of self-expression, adventure, and creativity.

Many of my best thoughts and I am sure yours have arrived when you least expect it – in the shower, drifting off to sleep, daydreaming… The act of playing, throwing snowballs, investigating beasts under a log singing badly with your partner releases your mind, your quiet thoughtful creative mind.

When we are acting the adult we are in survival mode, we worry, we stress we make decisions from the oldest part of the brain to survive and we live in this state the majority of the time. We stupidly reflect on the past to create our future – no wonder we often stay the same.

Survival is, of course, essential, but just take time to empty that head and allow creativity, joy and excitement back into your life. You can even enjoy that cup of coffee and think about the wonderful flavours, scents and feelings it gives you.

By the way, playing a competitive sport doesn’t count as there is a purpose, remember that.

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