How to Discover Your Whys…

find your whys


Discover Your Whys

This has been one of the most powerful concepts for me in my journey in partnership with How I Simply Decided to Believe in My Journey. It kind of cements everything into place and makes sense of all the noise. Your whys drive you and are congruent with your values. Your whys keep you going, drive you toward your goals and pick you up when you stumble.

“Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Are you stuck in a rut that you cannot escape? One that makes you feel sick, that knots your stomach, that makes you feel dread, life is speeding past and you want change? Are you working towards something new in your life, a dream or passion. That one-thing you would really love to do?

When you want something in life, a goal, you need to make sure you really understand why you want that goal or it wont happen.

You might have always wanted to learn a language, you thought it would be cool speaking French, it’s a fantastic skill to have, it opens the world up. However, if you just want to learn it, it will never, never have the power to pull you towards dedicating time, creating a road map and taking action to learn the subject – this is where your why’s come in.

Now lets look at that same goal again. I want to learn French, why?

  • Because I want to take my family on holidays to France and be as authentic as possible.
  • I can see myself in France speaking to the local patisserie owner buying fresh bread, and talking about the day.
  • I want my children to learn from me and show them how important it is to appreciate other cultures.
  • I want to talk to the locals in their native tongue.
  • France is a beautiful country and I dream of living there one day.
  • Learning a language is important to allow me to develop and be the person I desire.
  • I love wines and French cuisine. Understanding the language allows me to better understand the philosophy.

Can you start to see the differences and how these why’s can be reflected on when you lack motivation and passion. Thinking about your why’s, if they are honest, fill you with passion, desire, focus and helps you form beliefs.

I Lost Sight of my Whys.

When I initially hurt my back I was focused on the injury, blinkered to other possibilities. I remember watching my children playing not able to take part as I was hurting. This really effected me and caused reflection, anger and sadness. I felt like I had been punched in the head by Tyson!

My mindset changed as I realised to become as healthy as possible, I needed to refocus, not to just get better, I had to kick a ball, ride a wave, be used as a climbing frame, be the best Dad I can be – these are some of my whys.

Suddenly everything became easier, I was driven, I could take action and head North!

Your Whys

I really hope this has added value and you can see how to use your whys to get the drive needed to achieve your goals and passions. If you need anymore advice you can comment below or email me here.

What areas of your life could you develop some whys for to light that fire in your belly and start taking action today? It would be fantastic to hear, writing your whys really helps fix them in your mind, making them strong and real.

Remember you must make sure your goal is inline with your personal values – I will explain more about values in my next post.

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