How I Simply Decided to Believe in My Journey

Our Mission to Believe


Believe in Yourself

The most important step I have ever taken is simply to decide and go for it. To believe in myself, believe in my thoughts and focus to live along side my values.

When I was 17 I decided that like many, I wanted to travel to India, Singapore, Australia and the USA. This was my journey at this point in my life. I focused on it, planned my route, worked out the finances I needed, working visas and made it my mission to fly out of the UK, just me and my backpack from Devon, England to Bombay (Now Mumbai).

I found work and saved. I filled in all the forms that I needed in order to make this mission happen. I bought the travel books to help plan my mission. I booked the Doctors to get jabs and medication to take on my journey. Everything I did helped towards making this journey happen. I really believed it would happen and despite the financial & emotional challenges I faced, because I believed in it, it happened and what a year I had!

No Direction

Fast forward to 2011 – In my late 30’s now, no direction or mission in life. Suffered from depression here and there. Waist line getting bigger and life just slowly passing me by.

At this time two massive things happened to me. Firstly I lost my Dad over 6 months to Cancer. He was a wonderful, loving man and I miss him dearly every day. The second thing was an accident at work, falling through a roof and hurting my back. Knowing what I know now the effect on my back was certainly enhanced by the recent loss of my Dad.

I ended up not being able to walk more than 50 paces without being doubled over in pain. Morphine and a combination of other pain killers and muscle relaxants were prescribed and I consumed them all because I was told to by health care professionals. I had some really nasty injections into my spine – these didn’t work.

My emotional state was weak and I felt depressed and vulnerable. I was offered an operation to decompress my spine but the risk outweighed the advantages. I was off work for sustained periods of time and this just gave me a feeling of paranoia.

I started to realise that it was up to me to either except this position or try and change things. I spent hours looking around the internet for the special trick I could use in order to help me out of the position I was in. I found advice, then I would dig deeper and find a valid reason for not doing this…

I have found every piece of advice has equal counter advice if you look hard enough.

A friend advised I see a local chiropractor, one I had not seen before. She told me how amazing he was and how effective his treatment had been to her. I took this advice and visited. This was my first turning point, I believed in him and his treatments made a difference to me, I had seen a number of practitioners before, but this guy just had a magic touch.

I started to feel less pain.

After a few months I began cycling because I found the position was comfortable for me, opening my back up while leaning forward. I was able to start enjoying things again!

I Formed a Mission, My Journey North

I suddenly realised reflecting on my past that for years and years I did not have a mission, no real powerful goal, no direction to travel, no why.

I simply decided that I can choose what to believe and focus on that. Stop looking, focus my energy and ideas for a mission, a new journey. To support this I took some life coaching lessons which totally confirmed all I had discovered.

You don’t need anybody else’s permission to make the decision, you cannot rely on anyone else to support you. You have to make the choice and decide what to do for your self and what your “why’s” are.

By “why’s” I mean your driving forces to keep you motivated on your mission. These are really important as when the going gets tough, you will have to use these why’s to keep you on track. When its too cold to go for a walk, your why will drive you out of the door. When you want that sugary treat, you why will steer you away from it.

I want you to prepare to make your own decisions, discover your whys and believe in yourself.

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