Early Start, Healthy Gut and Movement


So it’s early, grey, cool and damp. But at least I have been moving for 40 minutes already, walking the dog. Not exercise,  just gentle walking to move a bit more blood, shake the contents of my gut to stirr it all up and breathing fresh clean air.

My morning starts with a cold pint of water to rehydrate after a long night of sleep. We are made of a large percentage of water and all night from our breath it’s just leaking away from us. Get some water down your neck – it also helps the liver break down fat I have read somewhere.

After my water a shot of milk with 3 drops of oregano oil from Greece to help my gut. With food, even fresh, being so devoid of nutrients we have to make sure our guts are in tip top health. Fermented food like sourkraute and live yoghurt is ideal for this (un pasteurised). The oregano oil helps balance got gut flora, as well as a host of other benefits.

I really need to add some daily goals here as well,  important tasks, 3 of them which when achieved will make a big difference.  Priotising the real jobs over things that just use your time is a valuable skill to learn.  More on that later.

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