Why Do You Suffer From Back Pain?


So if like me you have seen the scans of your back and been told by medical professionals that you have something wrong with your back which is causing your pain you kind of go with it and accept that this is the case.

Although why does it seem to make some of us suffer for months and years, yet others have massive traumas and seem to recover in a very short time and get on with life with few problems and almost pain free?

In my situation and many I have spoken to since my back pain was so bad for years, slowly I pieced together life style choices and habits that proved a common thread between sufferers. Most of which were feeling depressed with life, wondering where to go and not ever seeing an end to the pain and discomfort.

Here are a few common symptoms I have seen with long term back pain sufferers:

  • Bad diets with lots of hidden sugars (and some obvious ones)
  • Believing they were likely stuck for life with back pain
  • Living from one does to the next of powerful medication
  • Staying indoors

To start making a difference you must believe that you can get better. You must trust that you can get better and desire it, wanting to make the changes required to get on the road for recovery. There must be a passion to get back on your feet, to cast away the shackles (pain) that hold you back and take action.

All the research, moaning and complaining in the world will not make any difference until you believe and put that belief into action. I am not talking making giant steps, but small regular steps to a better life. No more “Tomorrow I will get healthy”. You need to start now, this second and begin to change, make a difference to your life.

The first thing I would like you to do is be totally honest to yourself about your food. Is it fresh, packed with goodness and honest or is it full of CRAP – Carbonated, Refined, Artificial or Processed? It’s easy to eat CRAP when you are low and find it hard to move around, it gives you a hit as all the sugars peak your senses and insulin… and causes inflammation, the cause of a lot of the bodies pain and disease, hum!

Are you prepared to be honest with yourself, it’s bloody difficult and takes huge balls. Are you up for admitting that you have lost self belief in other methods other than pills to feel less pain and that you need to get back on track. If you are, I salute you and lets hunker down and work this out. If not, then you may not be ready yet or you may have other issues outside of this site and I respect that.

I want to work with 5 people over the coming weeks to try and make a difference on how they feel. I really believe that in 3 – 5 weeks we can start to make improvements. I would love the opportunity to share my ideas and findings with others as I am sure the adjustments we can make will make a huge difference to your pain. It worked perfectly for me and two of my friends and I am desperate to share, if you are interested please get in touch here

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