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This is probably the only bit you thought I would write you!!

The following might sound like 4 to 6 sessions a week in only 7 days, but actually, you can do the weights part in as little as 10 minutes and the cardio in 20 minutes (which is already 2 sessions in 30 minutes), so it will not exhaust you once you start getting used to it.

• 2 to 3 cardio sessions a week, so riding to work, jogging, whatever, it is not important what you do as long as you are very out of breathe for 20 minutes or more.
• 2 to 3 weight sessions a week (can be as little as 10 minutes a time for the shortened version). Lift heavy weight, with low reps. Lift as much as you can, so you can only just lift it 7/8 times and for 3 sets on each body part. Work the main muscle groups: Quads (thighs) with squats, Chest (chest press), Back, Abdominals, triceps and biceps. Rest for 90 seconds between sets on each body part, which optimises hormone output. You can do 3 different exercises all straight after the other, which should leave about 90 seconds before you get to the next set for each body part.
The best exercises you can do rely on bodyweight (sometimes with additional weights attached) so squats, pull ups and tricep dips are excellent for all sorts of reasons, but you might need to increase strength and lose some fat before doing these – pull ups in particular.
Ensure you do tricep dips, as these will make your arms look great and balance your increasing biceps, you can also easily do these exercises from home, even before you go to work or whatever- simply by using a chair or low bench.
As you get stronger and fitter, research the 5×5 weightlifting method and move onto that.
It is better to do a quick 10 minutes of heavy lifting than none at all. If you only have 10 minutes on a day that you feel strong and ready to train, then simply do the exercises that rely on bodyweight, like pull ups and tricep dips, as they work many muscle groups – minor ones too – so you get a lot of bang for your buck.
• Rest – It is extremely important to rest adequately between workouts. If you feel drained and wiped out, then skip the next planned workout until you feel energised again. Don’t skip sessions if you just can’t be bothered – that is lazy, and totally different from being wiped out. If you feel wiped out, it is because hormones take a temporary dip after a heavy workout, before spiking again once you are rested. If you over train you will continually pound your hormones into the ground and get nowhere. To get over this issue it is good to rotate body parts, so on Monday you might do chest and arms, and Wednesday you might do legs and back. This way each body part gets at least 3 or 4 days rest a week.


• Diet – eat lots of high quality animal meat and their saturated fats, so whenever you get the chance to eat chicken skin that no-one else wants, eat it. Protein and animal fat is extremely good for raising testosterone, which in turn makes you feel better and gain muscle easier. Also eat lots of eggs, fruit, veg and nuts but avoid simple carbohydrates – without going mental about it – like white potato, bread, white rice, and all processed carbs, like crisps etc. Avoid all candy bars and sweats in the day, and instead treat yourself with a desert in the evening (after your main meal) every 2nd day or so.
Personally when I feel desperate for something sweet, I have a mug of hot chocolate made with cocoa powder (not the hot chocolate powder you buy) sweetened with some honey, which is far better than processed white sugar, and if you want to be super good, then you can buy whole milk minus the lactose, which most humans struggle to digest. They sell it at Tescos.
Simple sugars and carbohydrates kill testosterone. Saturated animal fats, protein and complex carbs via vegetables raise it. This is almost certainly down to the fact that humans have evolved over 300 million years to eat that kind of stuff and react well to it, not the processed and refined sugars and milk of the last 100 years or so.
If you can afford it, start replacing your old foods with organic. You might not know this but many fruit and veg from the supermarket have literally half the nutrients and vitamins versus their organic counterparts, + none of the harmful pesticides that build up in your liver and batter your good hormones. An easy way of doing this is signing up to “riverfood foods” who deliver all organic meat and veg to your door.
Note: Weirdly, too much fibre is very bad for testosterone, so don’t go overboard with things like oats, which are good in moderation only. Definitely cut out refined grains full of gluten, which is very bad for you despite tasting great. Gluten free or almost free is ideal and easy to do
Note: Ensure you get enough carbs. It is worse to have a carb deficiency through over-avoidance of potatoes etc. so just replace simple carbs with complex carbs where you can, and if it is impracticable to do so a few times a week, don’t worry about it, like I say, you cannot be perfect and inducing stress is counterproductive
• Carb Backloading – Once you are a couple of weeks into your program, start carb backloading, which is simply eating all your food on training days within the final 6 hours of the day, so fast – other than water – all day until evening meal time, then you can go crazy and eat a big meal and desert and basically eat all your 2,000 daily calorie intake in one go. This manipulates hormones – particularly insulin – so that you burn fat and don’t store fat again via the normal insulin response.
For carb backloading it is best to train in the evening/late afternoon, so that you start eating within an hour or two afterwards. This maximises the insulin issue.
• Stop Drinking – I recommend you stop drinking completely for 2 months at least. Alcohol is highly estrogenic by stopping the normal metabolism of estrogen and also via the conversion of alcohol to sugar and fat, which in turn creates more estrogen. More estrogen creates more fat and water retention, zaps libido and loads more. It is bad for men of a certain BMI and age. Once you have lost some belly fat, start drinking socially again, but absolutely no more than 10 units a week on a regular basis.
• Supplements – I don’t recommend you take anything apart from maybe some whey protein just to boost protein intake up a bit as meat is expensive and this helps offset the amount of meat you need to eat. Put a spoon full in a yoghurt or a glass of milk. (drink whole milk by the way) You can get whey protein cheaply from amazon.
If you get really into it, there are a number of supplements out there that naturally manipulate hormones, particularly testosterone and estrogen, but that stuff should be avoided if you can achieve your goals without them, which you will do.
Don’t start on any other supplements without further advice, as some can achieve what you want in one area but be extremely damaging in another

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