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Eat An Elephant

One bite at a time.

I often get overwhelmed with a project. It looks huge and I never know where to start with it… I then go into research mode. I think this is almost like my adult security blanket. I will look at the project from every angle possible trying to fathom the best way to attack this new project, make sure I fully understand the complexities of it and validating if it really needs to be done.

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Well, a short post today. Time is whizzing past and I need to write my morning routine out so I don’t miss anything and don’t get stressed even before I start. Reducing bad stress is so important to a healthy hormone balance and today it’s all mixed up.

The bonus is its a free food day. I want to eat loads of CRAP to reset  my internal systems to then bring the levels back to normal the following 6 days. Cycling in life is important.  A simple idea is how do you know what a great day feels like if you don’t have the odd not so good day. It’s a bit of yin and yang. To have balance surely you need to wobble to find the center.

Ok, wife is off running an obstacle race in 10 mins time so I have to go…

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