I find as we get older, burdened with “life”, bills, repayments, acting responsibly, we lose an innate ability to just play. Do something for no reason, no actual purpose apart from taking part in the act and enjoying it. Read a bit more here

Think how that little child pretending to be an astronaut must be building connections in his brain with thoughts, ideas, concepts, and feelings. It’s a mine of self-expression, adventure, and creativity.

Many of my best thoughts and I am sure yours have arrived when you least expect it – in the shower, drifting off to sleep, daydreaming… The act of playing, throwing snowballs, investigating beasts under a log singing badly with your partner releases your mind, your quiet thoughtful creative mind.

When we are acting the adult we are in survival mode, we worry, we stress we make decisions from the oldest part of the brain to survive and we live in this state the majority of the time. We stupidly reflect on the past to create our future – no wonder we often stay the same.

Survival is, of course, essential, but just take time to empty that head and allow creativity, joy and excitement back into your life. You can even enjoy that cup of coffee and think about the wonderful flavours, scents and feelings it gives you.

By the way, playing a competitive sport doesn’t count as there is a purpose, remember that.

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Medications make you better… Indeed they do when totally necessary.

You are what you eat, you need your 5 a day to keep your body healthy and working correctly, but what if there is more to that?

The more I read and study about optimisation, better health and well-being, the more I focus on the belly and what is in there.

The gut contains neurons called the enteric nervous system which talks to your head via the vagus nerve, maybe there is more to a “gut” feeling than we all first thought.

80% or more of your serotonin is in your gut, the chemical that helps with mood, behavior, and sleep.

Start looking after your gut- I believe future medicine will be focused on maintaining a healthy gut.

For more information read: Second Brain or This Book



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“If you want to be successful get so good they cannot ignore you”

follow your journey

I must remember that it seems to be doing the small things well that makes the difference. There is no magic, no silver bullet – just hard work on the small things, that’s the difference.

Make good decision every day that drives you towards your goal.

This is where I need to focus as I think I have been looking for something that is not real, expecting there to be a magic potion, a wonder that makes amazing things happen. In fact, all you need is a dream and taking simple actions every day to achieve it.

To reach Everest you need to identify the technologies required to keep you alive, get your body fit and healthy, then walk up it, step by step, it’s not easy but follow the path. With belief and all systems in place you should get close to the top, if you don’t get there you will still reach higher levels than most humans.

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Eat An Elephant

One bite at a time.

I often get overwhelmed with a project. It looks huge and I never know where to start with it… I then go into research mode. I think this is almost like my adult security blanket. I will look at the project from every angle possible trying to fathom the best way to attack this new project, make sure I fully understand the complexities of it and validating if it really needs to be done.

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